iFacility Services quality policy is to achieve

a sustained level of quality which enhances our reputation for satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers as well as meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. We have developed and implemented systems and procedures that have been refined over time and enabled us to grow and improve in order to deliver competitive, first rate services that work.

Our commitment is to continually improve the effectiveness of the system.

All personnel have the responsibility and authority for quality and are required to conform to the procedures contained in the system. Personnel are required to inform their supervisor of any process which could jeopardise or improve quality.

Performance Quality Policy

As a leader of Facility Services Company in the Illawarra we have implemented a service schedule program which is specifically tailored to our customer’s needs and monitored accordingly.

At iFacility Services, we make it simple and clear by offering all clients the iFacility Services Performance Guarantee; we know you won’t need to use it, but it’s good to know it’s there:

If, for any reason, you have a service problem, we guarantee to fix it on the next visit.

Safety and Quality Monitoring

Prior to the commencement of service, iFacility Services conducts a Site Safety Inspection of the premises. Throughout the inspection, any safety risks which are apparent are noted and rectified prior to the commencement of services.

We are committed to ensuring the highest level of quality through measurement, analysis and improvement of the quality system performance which includes:

  • Measuring and evaluating customer satisfaction,
  • Conducting internal audits,
  • Evaluating process performance, and
  • Implementing corrective actions as a tool for continual improvement

Monitored Services Schedule Program

iFacility Services develops site-specific service schedules to suit each client’s requirements. Service schedules can be presented in a number of ways dependent on the scope of services. In most cases, schedules are designed in either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly layout.

Once the service schedule is developed, the supervisor will brief all staff and induct them to the site.

We continuously develop systems, processes and training. We use smart technology to ensure transparency and communication in real time. We implement scheduled inspections and improvements.