Unsightly Graffiti can have a Negative Impact on your Facility.

Graffiti on walls and surfaces can vary in styles and come in many forms such as paints, markers and adhesive labels. These are all difficult to remove with normal cleaning products and methods. Our effective removal solution can help remove the graffiti, without harming delicate surfaces or leaving marks or shadowing.

Our experienced rapid response graffiti removal team can remove graffiti within a 24-48 hours of detection. Our experience has shown that rapid removal counteracts further graffiti being sprayed due to reduced exposure of work and consequent recognition from peers. Meaning the likelihood of replacement graffiti is reduced.

iFacility Services graffiti removal service can return the surface to its original state. After removing your unsightly graffiti, we can apply an anti-graffiti coating. To help ensure that future incidents can be dealt with quickly and easily. Our anti-graffiti treatment is available in two finishes - matte for discretion and gloss to act as a deterrent.